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Coaching is facilitating potential skills, powers, vision and values for a desired outcome. Coaching is not training, consulting, mentoring, psychotherapy, counseling, or hypnosis. Because coaching is not healing the past, diagnosing personality disorders, fixing people who have been hurt, wounded, or broken by trauma, instead, it is the work that comes after psychotherapy. For those who simply want someone to coach them through a career transition, starting a new business, or simply support/a coach when making a life changing decision.


Using Meta-Sates and Neuro-Semantics:

Meta-coaching refers to coaching at a higher level than content – coaching empowerment of various processes: communication, self-reflective conversations, systems, change, measurements of change, and self-actualization. Meta-coaching is about content-free facilitation that enables (individuals or organizations) to identify, develop, and unleash potentials so that they can become actual. The Meta-Coaching approach is based on “meaning and performance” for making a person’s highest visions, values, beliefs, understanding, and challenges real/in actual behavior (in neurology, muscle, memory, and ones way of operating in the world).


The Neuro-semantics model is the leading field of Coaching as the psychology of human functioning, communication, change and transformation, self-actualization, and systems thinking. Neurology (neuro-) refers to your body, physiology, and your states. It is in and through your neurology that you feel, experience, and perform your meanings. What do you perform? What semantic reactions do you experience emotionally and as your skills? Do they reflect your best ideas and meanings? Or is there a big gap between what you know and what you do? Neuro-Semantics focuses on closing the Knowing-Doing gap; therefore empowers one to unleash his/her highest potentials.

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