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What Clients Are Saying...

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Text/email (with permission)

ASA, Alhamdulillah for the knowledge and wisdom that Allah has given you. Your words were very powerful and have moved me to another phase of healing. I'm grateful to Allah for you and your sharing/caring. I stayed home a little longer today and listened to my body/mind talk. It's a blessing to know that even when you don't have the answer readily available, Allah knows me better than I know myself so I'm sent further on the path to find it often lead or encouraged by truth tellers and seekers like yourself. May Allah be pleased and continue blessing you and those whom you love. Amen

...Yes He guided us towards you and talking to you just increases our level of faith and thank you for being in our lives...Allah SWT says those who thank my creation are thanking Me....

Greetings Kimberly!


I wanted to follow up on how I felt after our hypnosis session for the healing of my finger arthritis. 


My finger pain is better: I haven't noticed hitting it and it hurting nearly as often as before. And I can put my hand under my pillow and rest my head to go to sleep without pain. It's still swollen and immobile but the heightened pain I was experiencing lately is greatly eased. 


I've also experienced some unexpected benefits. Receiving that memory of joy and peace when I was a baby totally altered my perception of my own journey. Right away, I felt like a core part of me that was broken was fixed. It's like all of my core memories were sad, and one was instantly restored to joy, just by having a memory of when my father still lived with me, He left when I was 4 so until then I had no recollection of it. I've seen it in pictures but the feeling of a memory is something you can't get from a photo or even videos. We have lots of old family tapes and I only ever perceived sadness when I watched them. But during our session, I felt something completely new. I felt my Dad's energy in the home. It was only about three seconds of a memory of his foot steps near me as I lay on the floor, but that's all it took.

Hypertension: (from 140+/90+ to 110/80), 

No Medication Needed


A client stated that the doctor wanted to prescribe high blood pressure medication because her BP was 140+/90+. We had a session and discussed what was happening and identified the conflict. We worked to resolve her overwhelmed conflict (which is always tied to a person) where she reported a few days later that her BP was 110/80...No medication needed, yeah!

Procrastination, Stress, and Anxiety Gone - I'm Very Confident in my Abilities Now


On Period for 5 months - Stopped After 2nd Session!

A calendar with every date x-d out or ma

I was on my period for 5 months and stopped after our second session. I would normally go to the doctors to take a hand full of BCPs until my period stopped then receive a blood transfusion. It's been a few months and my period has not returned, but I'm okay/enjoying the break.

Young woman holding calendar with marked

No Coughing, Wheezing, or Constipation Now - Alhumdulillah.


Issue: Child had a cough for months, now wheezing, and crying all night due to constipation. Mom had to use a suppository for him to get relief.


AsSalamu Alaikum, how are you? I just wanted to update you on my baby that he is doing much better. I'm not sleeping with him anymore, but I have been extremely attentive towards him which has made a huge difference in his mood swings, his bowl movements, and no coughing or wheezing now Alhumdulillah. Thank you.

My Football Season was Over - 32 Years of Back Pain - Gone!

I would love it if you would tell my story.  Not only is it real, but it proves what you say about how our minds can heal our bodies.  I tell the story over and over and will be thankful for as long as I can remember what you did for me. My life has been amazing and it is getting better every day.  My family is blessed and I know in some way it is because what you taught me about forgiveness. Thank you Kimberly, thank your family and for what you believe in. May God give you 1000-fold what you give to others.

Again, I appreciate you taking the time to explain my case to other patients.  I am hopeful this story can help someone else.  Here is the story as I remember it.  On the day that you healed me I recall the following:I was having a lot of back pain that day that was interfering with my ability to concentrate and perform my duties at work.  The pain was irritating enough that I recall asking you if you had ibuprofen.  You rapidly responded “And why would I have that”.   I responded that my back was hurting.  If I remember correctly you asked if I was ready to get rid of the pain. 

Football Game

You asked me some questions about the accident and I told you how two of my teammates had been scolded by the coach about not being able to keep me out of the backfield. On the next play, one person grabbed me and held me as the other one pushed me backwards so my back flexed in the wrong direction.  My football season was destroyed.  Therapy started immediately and I spent many a day soaking my back in hot tubs and packing my back with ice.  I am confident that this was required for a certain amount of time, but the pain never went fully away and would flair up from time to time up until the day you helped to heal me.  Over the years I had been to physical therapy where they insisted that I would need a brace for the rest of my life, and had an MRI and these doctors told me that my back was damaged to the point that I would need to have back surgery to fuse my spine so that I could reduce the pain.

I took many, many prescription medications for many years. What you did for me that day changed my life and changed my ability to know that we are stronger than we know. I am thankful to you for what you have done for me. The pain left me that moment and has not returned. You are a blessing that I can’t explain, but am more than willing to accept. May peace be with you and your family now and forever.

Your friend…

bright picture of hugging mother and dau
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Let Me Walk - I Did it! No Falling!!

Hey Kimberly:  last night I got a little nervous, but in morning I was ready. My husband was ready to put me in the wheelchair, but I told him, “Let me walk.” I said my cue word and walked down the incline! Went to the Dr's and afterwards I said let's renew my license.


I needed the neighbor which came on a cane. She rooted me on. My helper helped lift my feet up, and my husband nudged me to get me moving. I did it! No falling, kept saying my word. Thanks!

Stage Fright - I No Longer Get Scared or Nervous!!

Before I had to speak or present to a group of people or senior leadership, I would get very nervous. My palms would get very sweaty, my heart rate would accelerate and felt as though my heart would beat out of my chest, I lost my breath and had to drink a lot of water to calm myself down. When it was time to actually speak, my voice was always shaky and strained as if I was uncertain about what I was presenting. I had to do a couple ice breakers or just talk before the shakiness would go away and this occurred when it was just 5 people. I was asked to speak at a symposium of about 300 participants and just the thought of it brought back the same nervousness and got worse with each passing day. A week before the symposium, my nervousness got so bad that I was prepared to ask someone else to speak on my behalf although I am the expert on the topic.  I decided to see Ms. Saxon and after our session, I felt very confident and calm and remained calm leading up to the big day. Moments before I was about to speak, I felt a little nervousness, there was a stage, a podium and cameras, but I used the technique that was given and it vanished, allowed me to be calm. As I walked to the stage, I was fine, I took the mic from the previous speaker and just gave my speech. My voice was not shaky, no sweating, no nervousness. I saw the footage afterward, and I looked as confident as I felt, and still to this day, I get many compliments months later on how great of a job I did and I was asked to brief at future meetings. I no longer get scared or nervous, now I have confidence and have spoken at various meetings afterward without any issues. Thank you, thank you so much!

Please note that everyone does not experience relief on their first  session, such as the client below:

Wa alaikumsalam wa rahmatullah, I hope you are doing well.  After the session, I definitely felt happier internally, but my pain didn't get better.  I feel like my pain increases rapidly close to the date I am supposed to take the medicine. 

The nurse was surprised at how I was now able to start walking.

Nurse Looking At Senior Patient Using Wa

I just wanted to tell you that my rehabilitation session the next day went well. I was able to not only walk, but was able to walk 25 feet down the hall and back. I no longer felt stuck and stopped beating myself up from the fall. The nurse was surprised at how I was now able to start walking. Thank you so much, the next time I want a session on returning home, walking and doing things for myself again.

Cat Allergies - No More!!

I have good news to share, my granddaughter was able to go into a house with a cat and without any symptoms, but most exciting was seeing her hold and hug the cat without any issues...thank you!

Allergies Gone!

Allergies gone! my eye pain lasted a few days, but has gone away completed now and I have not been sneezing since my last visit. Thank you!

Fear of Driving - I Just Let it Go!

I recently got a new job but in a different city requiring me to drive on the highway which I was fearful of, always thinking that I might be in an accident, very nervous and worried. I am so glad that I came to see you and I want to thank you for the energy sessions. I feel that it has helped me with driving on the highway. I still carpool, but have drove at least 10 times and will be driving to work this Sunday. It is a good feeling to not let fear overcome you. I just "Let it go!" Thank you!

Test Anxiety - I Passed!!

I had one session with a hypnosis coach to help overcome my fear in taking a test. I had taken this test twice with no success and was very afraid that I would never pass it. A friend recommended that I see you and I decided to face my fears and take control of my life. My session was a rebirth in which I felt calm and at peace. I was inspired and motivated with energy that had been dormant for years. My confidence was restored and I looked at the world in a positive way. That one session helped me realize that words are very powerful and it is important that how you think can make a difference in your outcome. I now can keep my eye on the prize and not let my mind sabotage my goals. I took the test a few weeks later and I did not suffer with the anxiety and the tightness in my chest. Instead, I was focused and determined to succeed. I am very proud to say that I passed my test!!! I am definitely signing up for additional sessions.

Signed Grateful


Gluten Free - Not! My Daughter Can Indulge in What She Wants!

I brought my sixteen year old daughter who was suffering from gluten sensitivity and heat sensations to Ms Kimberly Saxon via the recommendation of an old friend and ex-teacher of my children. I explained to my friend that my daughter was on gluten free diet for eight months and that I was very concerned about her situation. My friend told me that her daughter was suffering  severe allergies and was using allergy medications that didn't help much; but after a session of energy therapy with Ms. Saxon, her daughter became 100% free from allergies. Therefore, I decided to take my daughter to Ms. Saxon and all praise be to GOD, after a session, my daughter is again indulging in any kind of food she likes with no allergy or reactions. Since then, I am also a client of Ms. Saxon for my back pain. I am glad that I came and had a session and have also recommended my family members and friends to Ms. Saxon, first  before using medications.


Sinuses/Allergies - I Can Open My Window and Wear Makeup!

I would be glad to write a testimony because my allergies have been gone for two years and I love the spring now. Before coming to you I have had seasonal allergies for several years and on medication, but did not like to take it because it made me sleepy. I would take it especially when the pollen count was high and when I had to go outside. During our conversation one day you had mentioned that you used to have allergies and no longer do, so I wanted to know more about it, how you got rid of it? I was surprised that something so quick and simple would erase years of sneezing, itchy eyes, no makeup, keeping my windows closed during a nice spring day, especially when seeing the pollen on the car. After our session, I have not had any sneezing spells or rubbed out my eyeballs and the best part is that I can open the window during a warm spring day, even if the pollen count is high or see the pollen, which no longer scares me. It has been two years now and still allergy free and thank you!

Sinus Problems - No Medication Needed!


Thank you for working with my daughter (10 years old) who had a problem with her throat (as if she wanted to keep clearing it). I took her to the doctor who told me that she had sinus problems and wanted to prescribe medication. I did not want to put her on medication so I took her to another doctor for a second opinion who also stated the same thing (sinus issues needed medication). A co-worker told me about you and I’m glad he did, after working with my daughter she has stopped clearing her throat and no need for medication. She had read a school book about hypnosis and was excited to go for her appointment. Now she wants to go back to get rid of stagefright because she wants to be in a school play. Once again, thank you!


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