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Past Events

Austria: GNM International Conference

I was one of the presenters at the 2019 German New Medicine International Conference in Austria to present four cases. To see the Bronchial Asthma Case study, click below.


Egypt: Intro to GNM - No Fear of Cancer


I always have a wonderful time in Egypt, especially presenting for the parents at the Children's House Montessori Nursery & Pre-School in Alexandria, Egypt. Its a small group, but they understand fully our body's ability to heal naturally. Sep 2019

Canada: German New Medicine and Hypnosis

Toronto, Canada October 2016 during the annual International GNM conference. I present how I incorporate German New Medicine into my Hypnosis practice. I shared cases which demonstrated the power of the subconscious mind.

Autism Explained with German New Medicine

Falls Church, VA - January 2016


GNM encompasses the medical findings of Dr. Med. Ryke Hamer, known as the Five Biological Laws, that explain the causes, the development, and the natural healing of disease based on universal biological principles. According to these biological laws, diseases are not, as assumed, the result of malfunctions or malignancies, but instead Significant Biological Special Programs created to assist an individual during a period of emotional and psychological distress.


Dr. Hamer’s research also shows that mood disorders and mental imbalances develop exactly like physical disorders according to the Five Biological Laws. Thus mood disorders and mental illnesses have a brain correlation as well as an organ correlation. Taking into account the biological interplay between the psyche, the brain and the corresponding organ, this talk will explained why a person can become autistic.

GNM & No Fear Cancer

Integrate Hypnotherapy & German New Medicine: GNM & No Fear Cancer


Falls Church, VA - September 2015


Back by popular demand! For this month's session of Understanding Methods of Hypnosis and Healing Techniques, Kimberly Saxon returns with more information about German New Medicine.  Kimberly Saxon integrates Hypnotherapy & German New Medicine:  GNM & No Fear Cancer.


PROGRAM DESCRIPTION:  In July our speaker gave us a brief overview of Dr. Hamer's German New Medicine (GNM) and common ailments that have been attributed to growing old. Those who attended most enthusiastically asked her to return to share more of this unique approach to restoring the balance in our bodies, letting go of pains and illnesses. For our September meeting, Kimberly has agreed to return (just before leaving for Austria for further GNM training). She will speak about how we can apply the principles of GNM to an understanding which helps us all to have No Fear of Cancer!

Egypt October 2015 - Children's Illnesses

In the fall of 2015, I travelled to Egypt and gave a lecture at the Children's House Montessori Nursery in Alexandria. I spoke to the parents on some of the common illnesses that children have (e.g., colds, tummy ache, allergies, rashes, bedwetting and more), from a German New Medicine (GNM) perspective. I had an interpreter since my Arabic was not that good, but they got it and understood the relationship between the brain, psyche/subconscious mind, and symptoms on the organ level, and how they operate as one. It was wonderful to assist some of the parents in understanding what caused their children's sickness and how receptive and open they were (they all agreed that it made sense). This was my second time giving a lecture (was there in 2014 as well) and was asked to speak again on my next visit, hopefully I won't need an interpreter...

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